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The sad truth is many people lose property to asset forfeiture simply because they don’t know their rights. Others fall victim to having an attorney who is simply not familiar with the often arcane and non-intuitive characteristics of an asset forfeiture case.

Having been on the other side of the bar, Attorney Steven Jumes knows what works, and what doesn’t, and can provide you with the best opportunity to get your property back.

He will put his years of insider experience to work for you. As your asset forfeiture attorney, he will create the best possible defense strategy and then will back up that up with hard work and commitment.

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If you are facing federal white collar criminal charges, you should know that one of the first things the Department of Justice, FBI, CBP or DEA does in investigating these cases is seize the assets of the person, or persons, being charged.
They will seize your bank accounts, real estate, vehicles, boats, planes, personal property and then seek forfeiture of those assets.

Asset seizure means the federal government takes physical control of the assets and asset forfeiture deprives you of title and ownership of the assets.
It’s a process that attorney Steven Jumes is well familiar with as he used to work in the Asset Forfeiture Section of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Now he helps clients recover property following Federal Government seizures.

About Asset Forfeiture Law

Did you know that Justice Department’s National Assets Seizure and Forfeiture Fund seized over $4 billion from drug-related forfeitures in 2014?

Well, it did. The truth is asset forfeiture has become one of the law enforcement’s most useful weapons. In fact, asset forfeiture is now used to not just deter criminal activity but to also fund law enforcement operations.

And that’s not all. Under the current system, the government has expanded asset forfeiture so that it is not just part of a property owner’s criminal conviction, it is also now being used in cases where criminal charges are never brought or proven.

At the Law Office of Steven Jumes, we provide immediate defense to protect your property rights. Don’t let the government take more from you than it should. Contact us to find out what can be done. Call (817) 934-6636 or click here to schedule a free consultation.

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Don’t Delay! Time is of the Essence WhenIt Comes to Asset Forfeiture

If you are facing either asset seizure or asset forfeiture it is imperative that you obtain good legal counsel as fast as possible.

The asset forfeiture process has many crucial deadlines and your failure to properly respond to these deadlines will result in the permanent loss of your property.

If you haven’t guessed by now, the deck is stacked in the government’s favor when it comes to asset forfeiture, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t beat them at their own game.

It all starts with getting a good lawyer who is familiar with government tactics and that can respond appropriately. For instance, often at trial the government must prove that the property was the proceeds of illegal activity. A good asset forfeiture defense attorney may be able to argue that the property can be traced to legitimate business activity or that an innocent owner has title to the property.

The bottom line is federal forfeiture statutes are detailed and complex. Most attorneys are not familiar with them. That’s why you need to hire an attorney with federal forfeiture experience.

Steven Jumes used to prosecute these cases for the government. He knows the process inside and out and can help protect your car, boat, plane, home and financial assets.

Don’t waste your time with inexperienced legal representation. Don’t put your property at greater risk of being lost forever. Contact the Law Office of Steven Jumes today to learn what can be done to get your assets back from the government.

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We will work hard to challenge the government’s seizure of your property. We can also help to separate the property from alleged criminal activity, gather evidence, refute testimony, examine constitutional violations and more.

You can count on us to diligently strive to protect your property rights and prevent harassment from law enforcement agents and prosecutors. You will gain an expert on your side who is familiar with the government’s playbook and who knows what steps to take to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. Contact us to learn more. Call (817) 934-6636 or click here.