Due to Mr. Jumes’s Background as a prosecutor he understands the mind of prosecutor which gives him an better understanding of how to approach certain situations. This understanding can especially be applied in DWI Defense. Because every case has different facts to it, Steve Jumes understands that he must alter his defense strategies to best serve the clients position. Mr. Jumes meets with each and every client and discusses the different outcomes that will occur with different strategies will talk the client through this emotionally taxing time.

Mr. Jumes’s DWI Defense

When it comes to DWI defense, there is no attorney who is more qualified to defend your case, than Steven Jumes. Mr. Jumes began his career as a lawyer in 1996, where he practiced as a prosecutor until 2013. During this time he tried hundreds of cases as a prosecutor. This time has allowed Mr. Jumes to understand how a prosecutor thinks, allowing him to put this mindset into practice as a defense attorney. In 2006 Mr. Jumes became Board Certified in Criminal Law. This type of certification is one of the highest designations that a lawyer can obtain. In 2013, he began his career as a Criminal Defense attorney. Since then Mr. Jumes has handled hundreds of cases that range to all different types of charges. He has personally represented over 30 clients that have had DWI related charges. He is willing to do whatever it takes to execute a proper legal defense strategy that will yield the best outcome for his clients. Whether this be through in or out of court, Mr. Jumes can guarantee that his legal strategy will be intelligent and maximize the clients position.

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