Obscenity Charges

-Possession of Child Pornography

-Production or Distribution of Child Pornography

-Receipt of Child Pornography

-Trafficking of a Person/Sex Trafficking of a Person

Obscenity Charges

Former Assistant United States Attorney with Significant Defense Experience

The FBI, US Postal Service, Secret Service, and other federal agencies aggressively investigate the possession and production os sexually explicit material relating to minors. They oftentimes investigate such violations using highly sophisticated malware designed to locate perpetrators. They also engage in various undercover online techniques designed to ensnare targets. Further, the United States Sentencing Guidelines often apply penalty enhancements that are out of step with modern society. Ultimately, persons facing these types of accusations quickly find themselves in very serious trouble. It is important that attorneys defending persons suspected of a firearms offense have a strong understanding of federal procedure, evidence, and investigative techniques. This means that if you or a loved one has been arrested for a federal white firearms violation it is critical to immediately arrange for proactive, sophisticated representation that will act to achieve the avoidance of unnecessary punishment and achieve the best outcome possible. Steve Jumes has experience both prosecuting and defending federal firearms cases and understands how to take steps to improve his client’s circumstances and avoid pitfalls that cause harm.

If a loved one receives a target letter or has been arrested or contacted by a federal agent in relationship to a federal child pornography or trafficking investigation the next steps can make a critical difference in his or her case

What steps should be taken?

1. Contact an attorney immediately. It is necessary that the attorney has experience dealing with the complexities of federal trafficking and obscenity statutes and federal criminal procedure.

2. Insist that the attorney meets with your loved one as quickly as possible.

3. Arrange for persons to be available to testify at a detention hearing in an effort to secure the release of your loved one from jail.

4. Encourage your loved one not to talk to federal agents or prosecutors before meeting with the attorney.

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