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Criminal Defense You Deserve!

Mr. Jumes is a trial lawyer who knows his way around the courtroom and has handled thousands of cases at the state and federal level.

He knows what it takes to win. Additionally, his office has the resources to take your case as far as it needs to go – including trial or appeal when necessary.

An intelligent criminal defense strategy requires both an in-depth knowledge of your rights, as well as the talent and experience to identify when violations to those rights have occurred. Such a strategy also requires an understanding that can be used to identify defects in a prosecutor’s case. The attorneys at the Law Office of Steven Jumes has such understanding based upon decades of experience on both sides of the bar. These tools are critical to gettting a case dismissed or a charge reduced.

What to Expect …

When you work with the Law Office of Steven Jumes, you will get dedicated criminal defense attorneys who are committed to obtaining the best possible resolution for you.

Mr. Jumes and Mr. Wiggins routinely represent clients in extremely difficult positions. In addressing these hard times, they provide intelligent, thoughtful, and compassionate care and advice.

From the very beginning, they strive to ensure clients get all the answers they need, leaving them with peace of mind. The Law Office of Steven Jumes prides itself on being responsive and sensitive to clients’ needs.

Very often, a solid, proactive strategy is the difference between prison and freedom. Mr. Jumes and Mr. Wiggins operate with the mission of securing the best possible outcome for you. Whether this means getting your case dropped, avoiding prison time, or going to trial, they will take every reasonable step to make your desired results possible.


Our Vision

It is oftentimes not good enough to make a strong move. Instead, it is important to make the right move. Being charged with a criminal…

Experience Based
Trial Strategy

The importance of understanding the prosecutor’s priorities and tactics cannot be understated…
The Law Office of Steven Jumes

Customized Approach

While the legal system is designed to quickly dispose of cases in a systematized “one size fits all” fashion, the Law Office of Steven Jumes…

Crisis Management

Being accused of a crime is a crisis not only for the client, but also for his or her family and loved ones. The strain of facing this type of crisis requires…


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Legal problems won’t just go away on their own – and they have the potential to change the course of your life. In other words, you can’t procrastinate. You need to take action fast and that means talking to a lawyer who can quickly understand your situation and develop a plan to bring about the best possible resolution for you.

If you are looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers who know how to develop an intelligent defense strategy, then the Law Office of Steven Jumes is here for you.

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