State Criminal Defense


Mr. Jumes has tried over 20 cases that are DWI related. Due to his background as a prosecutor Mr. Jumes is able to understand the mind of a prosecutor and tailor his defense to best fit that mindset. Not only is Mr. Jumes experienced, he is also Board Certified in Criminal Law. Board Certification is a designation given to the most qualified attorneys. Given all this he will tailor a legal strategy that best fits the clients position. Whether this be in court or outside of court.

State Criminal Defense


The Law Office of Steven Jumes has over 20 years of legal experience. During this time, we have had numerous Theft cases. These cases range from misdemeanor to felony charges. We are equip to handle all charges. Mr. Jumes has tried over 30 Theft cases both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. Due to all of this experience Mr. Jumes’s defense strategy is impeccable. Call today to discuss what approach would best fit your case.

State Criminal Defense

White Collar

In his time as a lawyer, Mr. Jumes has handled multiple White Collar Cases. These cases range from healthcare fraud, to money laundering to countless other charges. Not only is he well experienced in this type of law, he also understands the ins and outs of legal system. Knowing this allows him to draft a defense that best fits the clients needs.

State Criminal Defense

Sexual Assault

Mr. Jumes has over 2 decades of experience in both criminal defense and prosecution.He has defended all different kinds of sexual assault charges and is beyond qualified to defend anyone with this charge. Contact us here!

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