Steven Jumes has been a lawyer since 1996. He worked as a federal and state prosecutor for 13 years before entering private practice as a criminal defense lawyer in 2013. He received an FBI Director’s Award and has been named as a Fort Worth Top Attorney several years running. He has been invited to make presentations before various legal associations including the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association. He also has testified before criminal justice subcommittees in the Texas House and Senate and has been quoted in the Dallas Morning News, the Fort Worth Star Telegram, NPR, and multiple television new stations. 

Have you or a loved one been arrested or learned of a pending criminal investigation? These challenges can present some of the most stressful circumstances in a person’s life. At the Law Office of Steven Jumes we have experience helping people face these kinds of crises by developing tailored legal advice and legal strategies that expand our clients’ chances of success. Along the way we will walk you through the charges, the legal process, as well as the legal strategy we will employ. Law Enforcement has already begun its pursuit of you or your loved one. It is important to act quickly. Please call us at 817-756-6000.

Our Values

Experience Based Trial Strategy

The importance of understanding the prosecutor’s priorities and tactics cannot be understated. The Law Office of Steven Jumes bases its advice, trial planning, and defense posture upon more than a decade of prosecution experience in both state and federal court. Whether a jury trial is the only way to achieve a desirable outcome or success can be garnered through skillful negotiation, the Law Office of Steven Jumes has the tools and background to engage in sophisticated courtroom advocacy and seasoned negotiation.

Customized Approach

While the legal system is designed to quickly dispose of cases in a systematized “one size fits all” fashion, the Law Office of Steven Jumes understands that each case, and more importantly, each client, is different. We will listen to the client’s concerns and objectives and take steps to achieve them. In addition to listening and responding to client wishes, the Law Office of Steven Jumes also has an acute understanding of the tactics prosecutors will employ in each case. Combining this appreciation of prosecutorial theories and strategies with the client’s objectives allows The Law Office of Steven Jumes creates a client-specific plan for each case in order to maximize the client’s position.

Crisis Management

Being accused of a crime is a crisis not only for the client but also for his or her family and loved ones. The strain of facing this type of crisis requires guidance and leadership that will not only pursue the best possible outcome in the case, but also minimizes the emotional toll these cases can take. The Law Office of Steven Jumes understands that clients and loved ones need representation that is empathetic with an eye towards managing the anxiety that facing a criminal prosecution includes.

Our Vision

It is oftentimes not good enough to make a strong move. Instead, it is important to make the right move. Being charged with a criminal offense is a crisis that must be addressed quickly yet methodically. The Law Office of Steven Jumes is dedicated to providing intelligent and sophisticated advice and representation that is tailored to achieving a successful outcome. 


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