Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyer

tarrant county criminal defense lawyer

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal criminal defense involves drug conspiracies, white-collar crime, computer crimes, and a huge array of offenses involving fraud.

State Criminal Defense

State criminal defense matters involve sexual assault, sexual assault of a child, theft, DWI, and assaultive offenses up to capital murder. If you are looking for a Fort Worth juvenile defense lawyer, check out Lisa Herrick.

Experience-Based Trial Strategy

The importance of understanding the prosecutor’s priorities and tactics cannot be understated. We base our advice, trial planning, and defense posture upon more than a decade of prosecution experience in both state and federal court. Whether a jury trial is the only way to achieve a desirable outcome or success can be garnered through skillful negotiation, we have the tools and background to engage in sophisticated courtroom advocacy and seasoned negotiation.

Customized Approach

While the legal system is designed to quickly dispose of cases in a systematized “one size fits all” fashion, we understand that each case, and more importantly, each client, is different. We will listen to the client’s concerns and objectives and take steps to achieve them. In addition to listening and responding to client wishes, we also have an acute understanding of the tactics prosecutors will employ in each case. Combining this appreciation of prosecutorial theories and strategies with the client’s objectives allows us to develop successful strategies for any case. Our Tarrant County DWI Lawyer aggressively defends Driving While Intoxicated and DUI cases.

Crisis Management

Being accused of a crime is a crisis for the accused and his or her family and loved ones. The strain of facing this type of crisis requires guidance and leadership that will not only pursue the best possible outcome in the case, but also minimizes the emotional toll these cases can take. We understand that clients and loved ones need representation that is empathetic to manage the anxiety that facing a criminal prosecution includes. It is often not good enough to make a decisive move. Instead, it is important to make the right move. Being charged with a criminal offense is a crisis that must be addressed quickly yet methodically. We are dedicated to providing intelligent and sophisticated advice and representation that is tailored to achieving a successful outcome. If you’re looking for serious representation in divorce, meet the Tarrant County Divorce Lawyer.

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