Understanding and Avoiding Mortgage Fraud

The phrase “white-collar crime” refers to many types of fraud committed by business professionals. Typically, white-collar crimes are nonviolent but they are often financially devastating. Mortgage fraud is a type of white-collar crime that falls under the broad category of financial institution fraud. Typically mortgage fraud happens when someone makes a material misrepresentation, misstatement, orContinue reading “Understanding and Avoiding Mortgage Fraud”

Commonly Charged Federal Drug Crimes

Federal governments and state governments have their own drug crime laws. Every state, including Texas, enacts its own set of drug crime regulations that are often narrower than federal drug crime laws. Typically, federal drug charges result in harsher sentences than state drug charges. Convictions of federal drug charges in Texas can result in lifetimeContinue reading “Commonly Charged Federal Drug Crimes”

Comparing Federal and Texas Sentencing Using the Guyger Trial as a Backdrop

The recent trial of former Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger carried with it many complex social, moral, and legal issues.  Further, her conviction for Murder in a Dallas state court brought with it strong feelings among people on both sides of many of these issues. In turn, her sentence of 10 years imprisonment is alsoContinue reading “Comparing Federal and Texas Sentencing Using the Guyger Trial as a Backdrop”

The Recent College Cheat Scandal

The recent college cheating scandal is a salacious topic that has become the subject of massive public scrutiny within popular culture. Olivia Jade is ‘devastated’ by college cheating scandal ‘SNL’ spoofs Michael Avenatti and Lori Loughlin And while it is easy to view this particular news story as yet another example of privilege and favoritismContinue reading “The Recent College Cheat Scandal”